White Rose


At White Rose, we believe our retail customers are our partners. In addition to offering a full line of national brand grocery, frozen food and dairy products at the lowest available price, White Rose works closely with each of our retailers to provide them the best opportunity to thrive in the highly competitive consumer grocery marketplace.

Met Foodmarkets

Met Foods operates over 60 banner stores and over 50 program partnering stores.

Met Food has been meeting the needs of the distinctive and diverse neighborhoods of the New York Metro area for over 55 years.

All stores are locally run and operated by independent retailers that are well in tune with the needs and make-ups of their unique neighborhoods. 

Met Foods are committed to going beyond just selling groceries. They also proudly partner with their communities to enhance the social and cultural richness of each neighborhood. 

Pioneer Supermarkets

Pioneer comprises over 31 banner stores and over 45 program partner stores.  Founded in the Bronx in 1944, Pioneer Supermarkets have grown to service the entire New York and New Jersey Metropolitan area. With its roots deeply embedded in their communities,  Pioneer Supermarkets have long been a central part of the many neighborhoods that they serve.

Metropolitan Citymarkets

Metropolitan City Markets has been developed to compete in a fast changing marketplace, and is focused on offering a greater assortment of specialty, natural and organic products.  Located in the most dynamic neighborhoods of the metropolitan area, these stores strive to meet the demands of this emerging urban chic demographic.

Superfood Marketplace

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